Our Team


Registered Dental Hygienist


Cheryl is our hygienist and has been working in the dental field for nearly thirty years. She is a life-long learner and will go out of her way to attend dental and health courses. Cheryl places an emphasis on periodontic health and is a key part of our team’s collaborative effort to help patients achieve oral health. Patients often say that Cheryl has a gentle touch while also being very thorough. What does Cheryl dream of doing someday? She’d love to see the Aurora Borealis. How is Cheryl spending her free time in the meantime? Gardening, hiking, bicycling, and enjoying nature. She especially loves watching harbor seals and hummingbirds.


Dental Assistant


Dena is one of our stellar dental assistants and has been with the practice for nearly ten years. She has a gift for helping patients feel comfortable and relaxed. She is also at the forefront of educating patients about their oral health and the many specialized options we offer here at the practice. Whenever a conversation begins about a new product or technique, expect to see Dena in it, because she’s always interested in learning about up and coming technology and materials. What does Dena love about living here on Fidalgo Island? The great coffee, the clean air, and the artistic culture. What pets does Dena have at home? You will have to ask her at your next appointment. There are too many to list here!    


Dental Assistant


Abigail is our newest addition to the practice. When she’s not at the front greeting patients or answering phones, Abigail manages the lab and makes sure the entire team is prepared for each appointment with the right instruments and materials. She also assists with procedures and radiological imaging. Abigail is our team’s quiet cheerleader and often leaves a kind note for one of us to find. As a newcomer to the community, she is enjoying the gorgeous scenery, friendly people, and local ice cream. What does Abigail do in her spare time? She bargain-hunts and re-purposes items that other people no longer have a use for.


Office Manager


Kelly is our office manager and has been keeping everyone in line since 2009. If Kelly were writing this, she would say that she has been trying to keep everyone in line, but humility is one of the many traits we love about Kelly. She also has excellent management skills, an optimistic attitude, and genuine care for others. When patients or staff approach her with a question, Kelly does everything she can to help. On her days off, Kelly enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing. She also volunteers with Skagit Search And Rescue on land and water. Everyone on our team recognizes the special cell phone ringtone that indicates Kelly is getting called for emergency help. We’re proud of Kelly for a lot of reasons.

Office Assistant


Laura is our part-time office assistant. She likes to keep her eyes and ears open for ways to improve the practice, and since she’s married to the dentist, most of her ideas get a fair hearing. She’s also known for organizing any area of the office that feels messy. What does Laura love about living on Fidalgo Island? The nearness of the ocean and the friendly way people wave to say hi. How does Laura spend her weekends? Swimming, reading, playing with the dog, and eating at fun restaurants with her husband.