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Envision excellence.

Exceptional dentistry. Innovative options.
Advanced, integrative oral health care by conscientious professionals.

At Anacortes Dental Arts we provide general dentistry for all ages, as well as preventative and cosmetic dentistry. Our unique approach of considering the whole-body effects of all dental materials, techniques, and procedures allows us to provide highly individualized treatment for each patient.


We offer traditional as well as biological options, always seeking the least toxic and least invasive method of treatment, including:


  • Onsite Cone Beam Computed Tomography imaging service (CT scan). A single scan provides three-dimensional images of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone.


  • Bridges and same-day crowns in metal-free ceramics.


  • Implants in metal-free zirconia for optimal soft-tissue response and biocompatibility. When bone grafting is necessary, we offer only carefully-sourced materials.


  • For extractions, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) can be prepared from the patient’s own blood to encourage the body’s natural healing process.


  • Ozone therapy for management of periodontal health and sensitivity.


  • A specially equipped office for the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings to protect the patient, dental team, and environment. Ongoing patient support for metal and mercury detoxification.


  • Guidance regarding personalized testing to identify chemical sensitivities and determine the healthiest bio-compatible materials for each patient.


We are committed to educating our patients about all options and costs so that you can make an informed choice before moving forward. We accept payment by cash, check, or major credit card. Although we are not in network with any insurance companies, we can provide you with a dental claim form and a list of completed procedures so that you may bill your insurance. Financing may be available through Care Credit.

Are you trying to sort through confusing claims about "biological" medicine? Start with An Introduction to Biological Dentistry.

Want to know why it matters how amalgam fillings are removed? Learn about The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.

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